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Two donors make Ted’s intervention in Poland possible
30 July, 2019

It has been possible yet again, this time with the help of two donors. They would like to remain anonymous as…

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Marta, with Niemann Pick C, fights for a cure with gene therapy
29 July, 2019

Marta is a four and a half year old girl with Niemann Pick C. This is a rare neurodegenerative genetic disease…

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“When you have a sick child, your whole perspective changes”
26 July, 2019

During the second term of 2019, we have followed and supported six new patients with their fight against cancer. They have…

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A successful operation in Varsovia
26 June, 2019

Four year old Irai had a rare disease that only affected around 130 children worldwide: the aromatic amino acids de carboxylase…

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First patient treated for AADC deficiency with gene therapy by Columbus Foundation
10 May, 2019

4-year-old Irai will be the first Spanish patient to receive gene therapy treatment to cure her rare disease which prevents her…

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