Who are we?

The Fundación Columbus was born in 2017 with the aim of facilitating the access of children with cancer or rare diseases to the most advanced and effective therapies, thus increasing their hope and improving their quality of life. We are conscious of the key role that innovation and new technologies play within the field of healthcare. In line with this vision, we accept the challenge of bringing these new technologies closer to those who most need them, providing our commitment and resources to promote social initiatives that help to ameliorate their quality of life, particularly in the area of oncology.

To achieve this, we have developed an ambitious project through which we help children access treatment with the most advanced techniques, like proton beam therapy type of radiotherapy that is less invasive in cerebral cancers, and that, at the moment is not available in any medical center in Spain.

Likewise, we work to promote and divulge culture and science in Spain, driving activities throughout the country that allow their approach to society at large.

We are a non-profit organization, inscribed in the Spanish ‘Registro de Fundaciones de competencia estatal,’ and registered under the number 1930.

The Foundation is a channel for those who are most in need to benefit from technological advances.


“Innovation should have a real impact on society and on those who most need it—this is our greatest passion and motivation, and what has brought us together.”

Javier García Cogorro.

A notable businessman and directive on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

He served as Vice-president of the North American multinational Eli Lilly, and is currently running various business organizations.

Damià Tormo Carulla.

An international scientist, renowned for his research work in the fight against cancer. Awarded the 2017 Premio Fundación Princesa de Girona.

Founder, director, and consultant of various American and Spanish biotechnology companies.

Both founded and share responsibilities in the specialized investment fund Columbus Venture Partners, from where they propel their dream of making the latest scientific advancements a reality.

The Foundation is the channel through which those who are most in need can benefit from this innovation.

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